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Australian Market Development – Healthcare & Big Data

Interview with Lee Walker-Roberts - CEO @ Creat!ve Ju!ces

I was able to track Lee Walker-Roberts down for an informative conference call on the similarities between Canada and Australia and the potential for regions of the world to develop and improve the health and well-being of their people.

Lee Walker-Roberts is actively engaged at the crossroads of the health care and big data industries. Lee's role includes the supply of advisory and/or investment resources to help grow market share, increase geographic expansion and develop strategic partnerships. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Lee maintains a local presence in the wine and defense state of Australia. With national and international contacts, Lee can help develop markets throughout parts of Asia as well as the Middle East, the Far East and parts of Europe.


The Australian economy is resource based and subject to the boom and bust cycles of this sector. In spite of recent turnover in the Prime Minister's office, Australia enjoys a stable, well financed government. The government controls the majority of the healthcare sector, where expenditures have been stable.


"Expenditure on health in Australia was estimated to be $147.4 billion in 2012–13, 1.5% higher than in 2011–12 and the lowest growth since the mid 1980's. In 2012–13, governments provided $100.8 billion [or 68.3%] of total health expenditure." Source: www.aihw.gov.au/publications


Lee's preferred company type is early revenue with potential for rapid growth or new product introductions from more established companies. Lee was President and co-founded Opto Global in 2003, and sold the company in 2010 for $10.75 million to Optos PLC, allowing Lee and his investors to become a more liquid. Lee is well connected within the 16 member Bio Angels Inc. network and has well established contacts throughout the VC and PE communities.


Having held senior executive or advisory roles in companies ranging from start-up to revenues exceeding $200 million, Lee is interested in opportunities in the Biotech, Medtech & Life Sciences, ICT Tech & Big Data (Health, Finance, Defence, National Security & Law Enforcement & CRC's), Cleantech, Automotive and Hi-tech Engineering & Manufacturing, throughout Australia and the world.


Companies with which Lee has been involved; Semantic Sciences Creative Juices Optos PLC Ellex Ltd Opto Global GO1 Carestream Health Coleman Research Group RidgeTop Research


If you are looking for an investor and/or advisor to help execute your market expansion plans email Lee today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


About Lee Walker-Roberts

Lee is CEO @ Creat!ve Ju!ces, a highly specialized global advisory and commercialization firm guiding founders, inventors and executives of Australian Start-up & SME's, especially Biotech, Medtech & Life Sciences, ICT Tech & Big Data (Health, Finance, Defence, National Security & Law Enforcement & CRC's), CRM, BI & LMS, Cleantech, Not-For-Profit, Automotive and Hi-tech Engineering & Manufacturing, Australia and worldwide.

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