Paul Grossinger

Founder of the Gaingels & the Blue Jay Syndicates

Interview with Paul Grossinger, Venture Capitalist & Angel Investor

I had a chance to catch up with Paul Grossinger, an active, well connected investor and mentor in New York City. Paul heads up two dynamic investor groups interested in helping well-run, well-positioned private companies grow. Paul is a relationship developer. As an active networker within his own circles, Paul insists on getting to know his companies before he invests in, or works with companies to build their investor base.


As a Co-founder of a mobile app company and an online production company, Paul understands many issues that can affect the success of emerging businesses. With past investments in 61 companies, 9 having completed a successful exit, 20 having died and within the remaining 32, two are estimated to be whales; not unicorns, but possibly whales. Paul relies on his personal network to attract deals and engages in long-term relationship building to screen his investment candidates.


Paul and his groups are interested in companies with strong reliable leadership and a leading industry position. Paul is agnostic with regard to industry sector. Size is not a deciding characteristic. Quality management and a clear path to profits are the important determinants.


Paul co-founded Gaingels Syndicate, a gay friendly angel network approaching 100 members who meet every two months in NYC to screen investment candidates. A testimonial from sums up what I heard from Paul as "Gaingels is a professional, intelligent, well-rounded group of people who have provided great value to Teckst. Far beyond a simple monetary investment, they are fast and efficient…everyone in the round has expert knowledge, and they share whenever asked" Matt Lumbleson, CEO of Teckst.


To join Gaingels, click here. Paul has also co-founded the Blue Jay investment network, a group of Alumni of Johns Hopkins University. Paul is a graduate of Columbia University and Johns Hopkins University.


About Paul Grossinger

Paul Grossinger is an technology entrepreneur, early-stage venture capitalist, and seed-stage angel investor. He pipelines companies, advise them, and invest in their growth. Currently, he is the Founder of the Gaingels Syndicate, Blue Jay Syndicate, and an investor in 44 startup companies and 5 funds, including standouts such as Reserve, Epi.ep, Imperative, Mycotechology, Rothenberg Ventures, CoVenture, and Brooklyn Bridge Ventures. Gaingels is the world's first syndicate backing companies with at least one LGBT founder and Blue Jay is the first syndicate backing companies with a founder affiliated with the Johns Hopkins University. Collectively, his portfolio companies have a total value above $2,000,000,000. Previously, he was the co-founder of Pervasive Group, an MDM company and L&M Media, a sports website network.

Industry Technology
Stages Series A, Series B, Series C
Markets Medical Devices, Hospitals, Positions, Cosmetics, Dental, Ophthalmologists, Veterinarian, Orthoscopy, Crops, OR, Consumer
Interest Investor
Region/ Country USA