Valeri Gaydos

A veteran Angel Investor over 2 decades

Interview with Valeri Gaydos, Pres. & CEO of Capital Growth Inc.

I recently caught up with Valeri Gaydos, President & CEO of Capital Growth, Inc. Valerie is a natural born entrepreneur. With a strong appreciation for the rational world of data and analytics and a flare for the less rational world of entrepreneurialism, Valerie entered the world of Angel investing more than 20 years ago. By providing the first online affordable database of information for entrepreneurs, Valerie leveraged relationships she built with successful investors to learn how to invest in the private markets. And it's working well. Valerie learned that successful private investing starts with building quality relationships.


Relationships should be developed among co-investors as well as with entrepreneurs. Valerie found that co-investing repeatedly with a consistent group was one of her key success factors. Valerie calculates that she has enjoyed an average internal rate of return of 46% over the last 12 years. Although not independently verified, given her background in database applications and angel investing, I assume she knows how to calculate average returns. Once relationships have been developed, Valerie offers introductions and guidance gained from her years of experience.


Valeri Gaydos USBIC Briefing on Senate Consideration of House Patent Reform Bill H.R. 1249


Areas where Valerie sees entrepreneurs can focus to stand out in investors' minds include:

  • Establish overall governance.
  • Strong internal controls, strong compliance systems and effective reporting capabilities are essential.
  • Communication is the key relationship builder between entrepreneurs and investors and is probably the greater factor in determining the success of any business.
  • Establishing early habits along these lines shows investors you understand the importance of discipline and focus.
  • Ask plenty of questions of your investor and expect twice as many in return.

Valerie wants to see companies that are disruptive to industry, scalable and have a clear exit strategy. These criteria are shared by many successful, experienced investors for a reason. They are also shared by many emerging entrepreneurs when entrepreneurs are thinking like investors. If your thinking is aligned on these points, and you have evidence of being able to execute the plan, Valerie wants to hear from you. With past and present investments in software, robotics, virtual reality, medical data and social media, Valerie likes to invest where technology is helping our lives. Valerie and her network of Angel investors can help early stage companies grow more rapidly and securely.


Organizations in which Valerie has been involved include; Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship, Angel Venture Forum – DC, Digital DC Technology Fund, Pennsylvania Angel Network, Greater Baltimore Technology Council, Hivers & Strivers Angel Group, Lancaster Angel Nework.



valrie gaydosAbout Valeri Gaydos

Valerie founded her first company, Capital Growth, Inc. (CGI), in 1994 as a venture capital data and information publishing company and has bought and successfully sold several small business properties over the last several years. She is member of the Lancaster Angel Network and serves on the Policy Committee of the Angel Capital Association. She and her colleagues founded The Angel Venture Forum which is an ad hoc consortium of active angel investors in Mid-Atlantic region. On the political front, she serves on the Pennsylvania Business Council affiliated Political Action Committee called PEGPAC. To contact Valerie, email or via cell phone 410-913-8326

Industry Technology
Stages Series A, Series B, Series C
Markets Medical Devices, Hospitals, Positions, Cosmetics, Dental, Ophthalmologists, Veterinarian, Orthoscopy, Crops, OR, Consumer
Interest Investor
Region/ Country USA