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Renowned Angel Investor in the Medical Industry

Interview with Gerard Buckley, President & CEO of Jaguar Capital Inc.

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After a 32 year career at Scotia Capital culminating in the position of Director Financial Risk Management, Gerard Buckley was looking for his next life adventure. Upon reading an article flying 30,000 feet above the earth, Gerard found his new calling, Angel Investing. When Gerard gets his interest piqued, whether with political intrigue or business, he digs deep to uncover all the facts. The opportunity to become an Angel investor was no different. Gerard investigated and found a great group of like-minded people in, not one, but five Angel investing groups. The start of this venture was at a meeting of the National Angel Capital Organization ('NACO'). According to Gerard, "[I had] a huge feeling that this is a people business. I could really get into this".


Gerard's first deal was a biotech deal involved with DNA testing. Due diligence included lab visits, legal reviews with lawyers and a thorough review of the books. Within four months, in 2009, the first Angel investment was successfully transacted. That deal is still going well. Now Gerard is involved in 9 deals and looking for more. A major contributor to his successes is credited to co-investing among a common group of Angel investors.


With his extensive background in a structured environment in Financial Services, Gerard sees a number of areas that can help the Angel Investing industry thrive and build upon its early success. In some instances, smaller Angel investing groups lack a strong governance structure. This can lead to, or be a result of, a lack of engagement among members. These conditions can easily lead to failures. However, the more successful Angel investment groups have shown that active engagement among members and strong governance structure are coincident with successful investment outcomes. This is a story I am hearing on a unanimous basis from many Angel investors.


Gerard has enjoyed numerous successes, and his share of inevitable failures. Overall, wins and losses have cancelled each other out to produce a positive overall performance as estimated by Gerard. He reprices his portfolio when a follow-on investment occurs, but otherwise keeps holdings priced at book value. Mr. Buckley adds expertise in M&A negotiations, compliance and regulatory matters.


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About Gerard Buckley

Gerard has been working in the financial industry for over 32 years, helping companies strategically plan for accelerated levels of growth at Scotia Capital, Maple Leaf Angels and Jaguar Capital where he is now Managing Director and leads a management consulting practice with mandates focused on growth entrepreneurial companies. As a Certified Management Consultant he is an expert in structuring companies to access financing by employing governance, financial management and funding strategies. Gerard has worked on Merger & Acquisition teams transacting over $10 billion of deal flow in his career.

Industry Technology
Stages Series A, Series B, Series C
Markets Medical Devices, Hospitals, Positions, Cosmetics, Dental, Ophthalmologists, Veterinarian, Orthoscopy, Crops, OR, Consumer
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Region/ Country Canada