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Interview with Laura Raynak, President of Raynak Search Inc.

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Stanford Biodesign's collaboration between the school of medicine and engineering, is producing world leading innovators creating great medical devices. Where knowledge of life and engineering sciences have grown exponentially, a collaborative approach to solving problems is bearing fruit. By May 2014, a Stanford Biodesign funded project, the Jaipur Knee, had been deployed in more than 6,000 patients. In another win, Manu Prakash, Professor of Bioengineering was featured on TED talks introducing his $0.50 microscope made from readily accessible paper. By expanding the development dialogue beyond the traditional disciplines, Stanford shows that innovation results from educated collaboration among disparate participants. Stanford Biodesign provides a world leading environment, program and process for students to study the world of medicine and engineering.


Stanford Biodesign contributions extend in many directions beyond their primary focus. Other organizations are adopting similar collaborative models with stories of success. The collaborative approach that works between science and engineering is having early successes in social sciences such as investing and finance. From the phenomenal successes in micro lending to angel investing groups to professional peer groups, the power of collaboration is evident and appears to be growing. One off-shoot of the collaborative approach is Laura Raynak and Raynak Search. As a Bay Area power broker in the medical technology industry, Laura Raynak helps companies grow through focused talent scouting. If the proper fit for an executive position is critical, Laura is one Executive recruiter that can help.


One source of Laura's strength is her entrenched collaboration with professional colleagues at the Healthcare Trusted Advisors Group. For the last 8 years, Laura, and a Bay area corporate lawyer, a Big 4 accounting partner, an investment banker, a VC, venture lender and reimbursement professional meet monthly for a working lunch. Lunch provides time to share notes on who is doing what, where, when and who should be introduced to whom. 3 rules exist in addition to each member upholding the highest ethical and professional standards.


Membership is by invite only. Members can only miss one lunch meeting per year. And members share leads and referrals exclusively among each other. Members discuss prospects and at times consider investments in companies where a consensus exists on the prospects of the company. The group is highly efficient in their communication. Discussions are based on intelligence, experience, integrity and trust. With one carefully chosen word, or nod, a member can elevate or sideline the discussion. From medical technology start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Laura Raynak's executive clients have included Varian Medical Systems, Johnson & Johnson, Affymetrix, GE Healthcare, Mallinckrodt (Questcor), Genomic Health and dozens of other life sciences companies.


Laura has established and continues to build an impressive network of influence. Laura's network helps answer questions, provide direction and offer insight when her clients need to find someone special. But it is Laura's dedicated search process coupled with her experienced understanding of sensitive issues that wins success for her client mandates. Laura champions her clients' objectives but draws on the support of her collaborative group. With her strong network of relationships Laura and her associates get invited to invest in early stage financing rounds. In some situations Laura has negotiated stock in lieu of fees. To then convert fees to stock requires an exceptionally high degree of comfort. Laura started investing 4 years ago and expects to continue looking for opportunities.


She attributes her investing successes to her 8 year involvement in her collaborative partnership network as well as 18 years of building relationships in the Bay Area. If your company is looking to build its executive team to leverage opportunities, and you believe that support from a well-capitalized, well connected group of professionals can help your cause, then contact Laura Raynak at Raynak Search to start a discussion. [ 408-399-6167 or].


About Laura Raynak

Executive search professional with in-house recruiting and external search experience. We locate, engage and secure top performing candidates in the shortest amount of time. Direct experience recruiting for biotechnology, medical device, life science, healthcare services,organizations, consumer products, financial services, software and semiconductor companies. Sample positions include Independent Board of Directors, Venture Investors, C-Suite and VP-Suite as well as entire departments in data analytics, data scientists, statistics, clinical, sales, marketing, and G&A functions.

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