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Barry Clapp

Strategic Budgeting & Forecasting Software

Barry Clapp, CEO, Centage

barry clapp centage

Full Interview

Katherine Crothall

Commercialization of Weight Loss Solutions

Katherine Crothall, CEO

Katherine Crothall Aspire Bariatrics

Full Interview

Janice Huang

Development of Anti-depression Solutions

Janice Huang, CEO, NeuroPrex, Inc.

Janice Huang CEO NeuroPrex

Full Interview

Avner Halperin

EarlySense Inc. Proactive Patient Care

Avner Halperin, CEO, EarlySense

Avner Halperin Early Sense

Full Interview

Sunil Thomas

CleverTap’s Rapid Growth in App Personalization

Sunil Thomas – CEO CleveTap

sunil thomas clevertap ceo

Full Interview


Steven Fernandez

Big Data Opportunities to Help First Responders

Steven Fernandez, CEO & Founder

Steven Fernandez

Full Interview


Marne Martin

Venture Capital- Sourcing, Funding etc.

Marne Martin, CEO Service Power

marne martin

Full Interview


Dr. Joshi

Developing New Medical Devices - VC Opp

Interview with Dr Joshi, Co-founder MD Angels

dr joshi

Full Interview