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Frequently Asked Questions

What information does Private2IPO.com offer?

Private2IPO.com offers transaction pricing information on private mid market companies that have been sold to publicly traded companies. For both the private target company and the acquirer we profile transactions in terms of;

  • Revenue - this is the one of the most reliable indications of value,
  • Earnings - this provides a strong indication of value but must be viewed with caution as one-time expenses associated with the transaction can skew this number - contact us for more detail if you are interested in a particular transaction or set of transactions,
  • Book value - this is a useful indicator (assets less liabilities) for the acquirer but the private company book value tends to equal the purchase price in these transactions due to the goodwill adjustment of acquisitions,
  • Tangible book value is a more useful indicator of value for the private company as this relates to book value less goodwill and intangibles. Your private company balance sheet probably shows your tangible book value provided you have not completed any significant acquisitions,
  • Purchase price at which the private company was sold.
  • Price to Revenue ratio which is a key ratio or value benchmark,
  • Price to Earnings ratio,
  • Price to Book value,
  • Company descriptions,
  • Transaction rational and analysis.

All this data and information should provide you with some useful value proxies for similar companies such as your own or your client's. We also have growth rate information on companies which is available offline. Call us to access this growth rate information. Growth rates are a prime determinant of value. Our database grows continuously. Each week we add the newest transactions available. Each day we add new detail to our database.

I am a business owner. Why should I care about private transaction value?

If your private business is one of your largest assets, and you are interested in building your wealth and potential for liquidity, you should be focused on your value. One of the greatest determinants of your value is the value of other similar companies. The more you can know about similar companies the more you can understand your value. The more you understand your value and the determinants of that value, the more control you will have on your wealth creation. Also, by looking at what other companies are doing that are achieving better value ratios (ie: higher Price/Revenue ratios as one example) you may be able to better understand what growth into a new niche market or adoption of a new strategy could mean for your value. So this is great decision support data for small and mid size business owners.

Where do you get your data? Is it reliable?

Reliable data is the key to our value for you. We access audited financial statements of public companies that have filed with the Securities Exchange Commission ('SEC') or SEDAR in Canada or European Company Repositories. We review thousands of financial statements, 10K's, 8K's, news releases and other documents to acquire as much detail as possible on each transaction. In many cases, we speak to the buyer, the seller and others related to the transaction to further understand the dynamics of the transactions.

My company is too small to be of interest to a strategic buyer or public company. Why should I be interested in these values?

Public company buyers or strategic buyers represent some of the best potential acquirers, able to pay the most for an acquisition. Even if you are not planning on selling to a strategic buyer you should know what the top buyers are paying for their acquisitions. During the lengthy development period prior to selling, knowing the top value for your company may affect decisions you make along the way about the growth of your company and when and how you invest in your growth

I am an intermediary. My clients are mid market but I have never sold a company to a public buyer, why would I be interested in this data?

First, because public companies often pay the best price for acquisitions, they should at the very least represent a potential buyer for your client companies. Secondly, if you examine a large number of these transactions you will notice that a lot of these buyers are buying clusters of surprisingly small companies. When they are in a buying mode, they are much more inclined to buy numerous companies. Also, we have many relationships with acquiring public companies as well as many relationships with top M&A intermediaries, lawyers and accountants. We also have many private company owners registering with our site. When we see a cluster of companies that are in sell mode, we can assemble some of the high quality names into a pro-forma merger and help you join a larger selection of similar companies for introductions to the public buyer. This can provide the critical mass necessary for the buyer to commit the resources for due diligence into your private target companies. Speak to us with regard to our current inventory of high quality companies that some of our affiliates may have under a sell mandate. Naturally confidentiality is a key element and there is a rigorous registry process that we will go through to make everyone comfortable in sharing information.

Are free reports available?

Yes you can access up to 2 free reports when you register with us. Feel free to tell your friends and associates to access a couple free reports.

I do not want to sell my company for a long time. Why would I care about value?

When you make decisions to grow your top line you should understand the full value of your growth plans. This means not only your incremental cash generated from your investment but also your shareholder value. Knowing both sides of the equation can make you better equipped to make important investment decisions into your company. As always we are one phone call away and available to help with some of these decisions and analysis.